Hundreds of families have celebrated and continue to celebrate here

Our inn in Üröm awaits you, just a few kilometers from Budapest. In addition to the harmony conceived by our family, it is important for us to convey a feeling of peace to our visitors who come to rest here or to celebrate their big day.

As those who leave us often tell, the embodiment of rural charm is evident here, with a multitude of lavender bushes reminiscent of the Provencal way of life and the sight of horses grazing on the nearby hill. The fresh air allows for a break from the bustling city, yet we are still within reach. The vintage, slightly bohemian design of our inn only enhances the stylish rural accommodation atmosphere.

There are numerous program options in the surrounding area, including hiking among the beautiful hills of the Pilis, cycling on the bike routes, and taking a walk along the Danube riverbank. Our inn is an ideal location for weddings and corporate events. We recommend it to families, romantic couples, and groups of friends alike.


We won't claim that we are the best at it, but so far we have been able to handle every task related to organizing.

From dream to reality

With us, everything is in place for the big day and evening to fly by in a moment - feedback helps us in our work.

Multiple venues

The estate's exterior and interior, hidden corners and spacious garden are proven to be suitable for any event venue.

Cozy rooms

We can accommodate up to 20 people in several separate rooms, where you can rest together yet apart from each other.

Proximity to nature

Our wedding is one of the most important days of our lives, when we officially embark on a lifelong journey with our partner. Choosing the wedding venue is an essential part of wedding planning, as this is where we will celebrate the most wonderful day of our lives. This is where the pictures are taken, and the moments of family happiness will bind the newlywed couple. In recent years, more and more people have been choosing wedding venues close to nature. Here are a few reasons why Kőhegy Fogadó is the best choice.

If this place could speak...

The walls of Kőhegy Fogadó would tell us stories. The participants of numerous weddings and family events remember them, but we were present at all of them, watching and celebrating together. We remember grandfathers who fed their grandchildren on their knees, or little girls who idolized the bride's dress, almost motionless, not even blinking at the flood of guests. The intimate moments live in us just as much as they do in those who said "YES" here. Those who hugged their parents during congratulations, those whose tears rolled down their faces here. We love what we do, for us it's more than work, we live for these moments.

Many good people can fit among us

When designing the inn, we paid attention to every detail to ensure that if we were to organize and hold a family event, we would be able to do so in an environment and manner that would make us feel comfortable and keep our loved ones in a "good place."

Small but important accessories

Many of us have memories of moments spent together, whether it's minutes or hours. We often remember the little things, because we appreciated them as thoughtful gestures and caring acts - rightfully so.

This is the place...

...where we make your dream wedding a reality, "just the way you imagined it", from providing accommodations and the venue, to decoration and dinner all the way to the ceremony. It can also be a place for peaceful celebration of family events, where both young and old can celebrate together.

We offer a retreat for companies with all the necessary equipment, ideal for executive meetings and team-building exercises. In order to ensure that no one interrupts the most important moments, we exclusively reserve the venue for the event.

"Ezúton is szeretnénk megköszönni azt a csodálatos esküvőt, amit Ildikó és Csaba varázsolt nekünk. Meseszép helyszín, gyönyörű dekoráció, kedves, figyelmes pincérek. A menüsort azóta is dícsérik a vendégek. Ildikóèk az utolsó pillanatos kívánságainkat is megoldottàk, szívvel-lélekkel csinálták. Tökéletes volt minden" / Dóri & Ákos

Dóri & Ákos

2022 legboldogabb ifjú párja

"Kedves Ildikó, Csaba! Nem tudlak titeket eléggé ajánlani. Annyira csodás volt, az ételek annyira finomak, a pincérek olyan jó munkàt végeztek, hogy ha mindezt elmondom valakinek, azt hiszik csak menyasszonyi túlzàs pedig nem. Köszönjük Nektek, hogy ilyen csodálatossá varázsoltátok a napunkat! További sikereket nektek!" Csenge és Àdam

Csenge & Ádám

Nagy napra nagy öröm

A dekoráció is csodaszép volt, egy extra gyermeksarkot is berendeztek a kedvünkért. A szobák tiszták, kényelmesek voltak, a reggeli is nagyon finom volt. Ildikó és Csaba nagyon kedves, rugalmas házigazdák, a fogadójuk nagyon szép környezetben található, ár-érték arányban is kiváló. Mindennel nagyon elégedettek voltunk, köszönjük még egyszer, hogy nálatok tarthattuk az esküvőnket!"


Those who got married here... Come back

Our hearts are filled with joy when couples who got married with us choose us as the venue for their family events. Our rooms and garden corners are perfect for comfortably accommodating up to 20 guests and hosting birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, graduation celebrations, and any other events worth celebrating.

Charming rooms

Our guest rooms are designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our guests. We understand the importance of a good night's sleep, and we have carefully chosen high-quality beds and linens to ensure that our guests have a restful stay. In addition to comfort, we also wanted to incorporate the history and character of the area into our rooms. Each room is unique and reflects a different aspect of the local culture and heritage. With 20 rooms available, we can accommodate up to 20 guests at once, making it an ideal location for group events or family gatherings.

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